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CELEBRATING AMERICA’S GREAT COUNTIES is a website devoted to great American counties. As of 2020, there are 3,143 counties and county-equivalents across the United States. From Delaware with three counties to Texas with a whopping 254 counties - every county has a unique story to be told. Do you have a county you would like to see featured? Click on the button below to share your county!

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15,774 validated votes were cast in our inaugural "America's Best of the Year." The Top 10 Winners in each of the categories are featured on 49 separate Winners' pages throughout this site.  Congratulations to all the Winners -- and Nominees -- in each category.  And many thanks to all the Voters who helped make this year's inaugural event such a tremendous success!

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There are over 3000 counties in America, but each one has a unique story. From rural to urban, the coast to the midwest plains, our goal is to spotlight the stories, statistics, and fascinating history of America's great counties.